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Fabric Textile Dryer Textile Machinery For Sale 50m Min
  • Fabric Textile Dryer Textile Machinery For Sale 50m Min

Fabric Textile Dryer Textile Machinery For Sale 50m Min

Place of Origin jiangsu,China
Brand Name Smoothly
Certification ISO9001
Model Number SL/230
Product Details
Fabric Dryer Machines
Installed Power:
10 ~ 22kw
Sl / 230
Nominal Width 2200mm
Product Dimensions:
15000 × 3400 × 3600 (Mm)
10 ~ 50m / Min (Frequency Control)
Drying Tube Steam Pressure:
≤ 0.2mpa
To Wet Moisture::
12 ~ 18%
Falling Moisture Regain:
4 ~ 6%

textile fabric dryer


textile dryer 50m Min


textile machinery for sale

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Standard shipping wooden box
Payment Terms
T/T , L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability
1-2 sets/months
Product Description

Frequency Control Fabric Dryer Machines 10 ~ 50m / Min 15000 × 3400 × 3600mm



I Main Features

1.SL/D270 electric cylinder singeing machine adopts industrial power supply as kinetic energy, novel high-efficiency energy-saving material—silicon carbide rods as electric heating source, and the Fe-Ni-Cr alloy cylinder as a heated combustion body. The cylinder is 270mm in outer diameter, and is provided with four straight silicon carbide rods with diameter of 40mm inside, and the cold end of the cylinder and the heating region are protected relatively.

2.Moreover, the characteristic of the silicon carbide rod is fully applied in the research and development of the products. The semiconductor of the silicon carbide rod is far higher than resistance of metal conductor, when the temperature rises between 800 DEG C and 1000 DEG C, the temperature is higher, and resistance is lower, (wherein the technical temperature of the singeing machine is at this range), therefore, it generates obvious energy-saving effect. The heat source transfer of the silicon carbide rod is radiation heat transfer, and the wastage rate of its heat value in the radiation cavity is less than 3%.

3.We make some improvements in the material and structure of the cylinder in line with the radiation heat transfer of the silicon carbide rod, and modify the alloy proportion of iron, copper, nickel and chromium. The outer structure and the wall thickness of the cylinder are improved through precise calculation and repeated tests in accordance with the heat transfer requirements, which enables the cylinder with uniform and fast heat transfer and less heat loss, and ensures that the cavity of the cylinder is a saturated melt for the heating radiation of the silicon carbide rod to completely compensate the singeing heat value in the singeing process.

4.The cylinder in an original fuel singeing machine is naked, and its working face is only 20% of the cylinder, so quite a part of heat value lost in singeing. This machine is additionally provided with a heat-insulation box body under the singing part of the cylinder to perverse heat for 70% non working face on the cylinder, so as to keep the temperature of the cylinder within the preset technological temperature for a long term, and reduce the frequent temperature adjustment for silicon carbide rods, obviously embodying energy-saving effect.

5.The traditional fuel cylinder singeing machine adopts burning diesel oil as a heat source, and consumes about 30Kg of diesel oil each hour, in which 45 cubic meters of carbon dioxide and other gases and pm particles are emitted from the combustion chimney. While the electric singing does not need other fuels, so the emission of singeing fuel is eliminated, and the combustion chimney is omitted.

6.The electric system of this machine is designed according to the singeing principle and the characteristic of the silicon carbide rod, and adopts the intelligent control in the whole process. The actual power consumption of the silicon carbide rods is less than 70% in the preset temperature range between 800-1000 DEG C, greatly saving the energy consumption. The distinctive circuit design ensures the stable and reliable operation, and convenient and safe control.

7.For taking into consideration of the reconstruction of printing and dyeing enterprises to the original singeing machine in the development process, the box body is designed in line with the original fuel singeing machine as much as possible, with the mechanical drive and cloth delivery path remained and only the singeing main body replaced. The reconstruction cost is only one-fifth of the overall machine, and the reconstruction only requires three days, which fully displays the effect of the original machine, reduces the production cost, improves the product quality, and eliminates the fuel emission in singeing, thereby achieving several application effects.

II. Main Technical Indexes:
Model and Specification SL/D270
Effective Work Full Width 200--1900mm
Cloth Delivery Speed 20~110m/min
Cylinder Specification ∮270×2530
Combination of Silicon Carbide Rods 2×2×∮40
Constant Temperature on Cylinder Surface 900~1000℃
Installed Capacity 105 KW

III. Comparison with Like Products
Compared with the conventional fuel cylinder singeing machine and fuel burner singeing machine, this machine is featured by less energy consumption, high surface temperature, small temperature difference, high singeing grade, no environmental pollution and excellent stability, and can save the production cost as much as three-fifths for the same variety.

Main economic comparison as follows:

Production Technology Electric Singeing Cylinder Singeing Burner Singeing
Technical Temperature (DEG C) 800-950 750~850 700~800
Speed (m/min) 20~110 40~110 20~90
Work Efficiency (each time) Positive or negative Positive or negative Positive or negative
Singeing Grade (Grade) 4.5~5 4 4
Heat Source Commercial Power 0# Diesel Engine Gas
Heat Value Utilization % 97 75 80
Energy Consumption Ratio (RMB/M) 0.012~0.025 0.06~0.07 0.05
Emission (Hour) Non 45 cubic meters of carbon dioxide Smoke

Note: The prices of electricity, diesel engine and gas in the above table are the national standard price issued in Oct. 2010.

In normal production of common dyeing plants, it can singe cloth of 50,000-60,000 meters every day. If the singeing cost reduction for each meter is RMB 0.05, the production cost of RMB 2,500-3,000 can be saved every day, and the emission of 450 cubic meters of carbon dioxide can be reduced.


Width: 2200--2300mm.
Features: with a hard soft brush or scraping box in addition to impurities, impurity removal effect, the fabric humidity drying uniform and stable, stretch effect of the effect of obvious varieties.
Installed power: 7.5 ~ 12.5KW
Product use: the corduroy fabric scraping scraping, round brush, drying drum baking treatment. So that the door of the light bulb shrink to the process requirements, while the cloth cleaning process.
Model and specifications: SL / 230 nominal width 2200mm
Product Dimensions: 15000 × 3400 × 3600 (mm)
Speed: 10 ~ 50m / min (frequency control)
Drying tube steam pressure: ≤ 0.2Mpa
Installed power: 10 ~ 22KW
To wet moisture: 12 ~ 18%
Falling moisture regain: 4 ~ 6%
Main features: The machine supports the movement of the various components of the bracket are by the vertical and horizontal steel beam bolted, simple structure, the entire part of the machine easy to adjust maintenance and disassembly. The machine to the wet box has a steam chamber baking water pipes, respectively, from the role of insulation and catchment. The main drive motor of the machine is driven by the transmission gear to rotate the cylinder. In addition to drying fabrics, but also from the cloth and take the cloth door width of the use. This machine is equipped with impurity removal mechanism, increase the clearance of cotton cloth heteroaryl effect.

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