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Wholesale Textile Singeing Machine For Synthetic Fabrics
  • Wholesale Textile Singeing Machine For Synthetic Fabrics

Wholesale Textile Singeing Machine For Synthetic Fabrics

Place of Origin jiangsu,China
Brand Name Smoothly
Certification ISO9001
Model Number 2530
Product Details
Fabric Singeing Machine
A Grade
Working Speed:

Singeing machine for synthetic fabrics


Wholesale textile singeing machine


fabrics Singeing Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
Standard sea clouds wooden box
Payment Terms
T/T , L/C, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability
Six per month
Product Description

 Energy Saving Knitting Machine Fabric Dyeing Machine Singeing Machine



Technical Parameter 
 1. Sweden imported high temperature and high nickel stainless steel - 25123
 2. Quality requirements Technical standards: (Ni:25      Si:2 )
 3. This product is a new material for singeing machine equipment. Features; uniform temperature, burn out the cloth effect is good, long service life.
1. Application

LMH Type Open width singeing machine is used for removing the fuzz and impurities of fabric surface, which is designed according domestic actual situation and also on the basis of absorbing the advanced foreign machine.

2. Technical process

Open width into cloth-two roller brushing-centering device-S type two power rubber covered rollers-Three rollers expanding picture-two crater singeing-steam-smothering-2-Ø570 cold roller cooling -open width out cloth

3. Specification

Model LMH
Nominal width 1800-3600mm
Lathe way right hand(face into cloth direction)
Working speed 15-100m/min
Heat source liquefied gas
Flame temperature 800°C-1350°C;
Installed power about 25kw
Compressed air pressure ≥0.3Mpa
Cross way one face one back
Drive way AC variable frequency synchronous control

4. Main units composition and characteristic.

1)Into-cloth frame unit

This unit is comprised of frame, tight cloth frame, cloth roller, power rubber roller, tension frame, centring device, and two roller brush box. Frame use C type steel structure, inside have high strength stay pipe, this structure is compact and sturdy. Front column equipped hanging two rollers brush box with two Ø150 screw natural bristles brushing rollers inside and use flat belt collective drag by 2.2kw motor. The noise is small and transmission is steady. On the bottom equipped vertical-vacuuming pipe, with 4KM textile dust exhausting fan. Low noise and good deducting results. The material of wind plate is aluminum alloy which can avoid frictional sparking effectively. The brushed fuzz and impurities can be discharged to outdoor by dust exhausting fan through the vacuuming pipe. This not only reduces environmental pollution, but use for ensuring safety in production.

2) Singeing unit

The singeing unit is comprised of separator roller, singeing burner, Ø570 cold water tank, power roller, tension frame, combustion blower, smoke exhaust fan. Singeing burner is made of MJS-Burner which is the patent burner designed by our factory (Patent Number: 99222266.4). This burner is made of special iron casting, and there are two water cooling channels, to avoid burner deformation caused by high temperature. The burner inlet pipe is simple and easy to operate, to mix air and gas more sufficiently, and burn more completely. To adapt to the different burning technology of users, they can adjust the distance of burner & fabric, and the angle of burner &cool roller according to different of cloth and technology. There are hand steering gear, autosteerer and blackout self-return device, to avoid burning out fabric because of power outage. There are smoking pipe and smoke extraction fan on the top of this unit, it can discharge the flue gas outside, to be safety producing and protect the environment.

3) Fire extinction, cooling unit

This unit is composed of a steam fire box, two Ø570 cold water rollers, a transmission roller and a tension shelf. The box and the steam pipe are made of stainless steel, and there are 3 power wire rolls inside, which can effectively prevent the knitted cloth from curling. The reasonable proportion distribution of the height and the width can reduce the steam from escaping and consumption effectively. The cloth inlet part of the box is equipped with two movable glass doors, which can help us to put the cloth in and observe the effect of fire extinguishing. This cold water roller, roller wire and power transmission roller are powered with the same reducer.

4)Down-cloth frame unit

The down-cloth frame use speed reducer drive separately, there are swing arms at both sides of Ø230 out-cloth roller, and there are 2 rough rubber off-cloth rolls on the swing arms. It can get different swing-cloth by adjusting of eccentric-wheel and length of pull rod. Cloth-pressing use pneumatic way, the cloth-pressing roll is Ø125 stainless steel cladding roller, the friction between cloth cover and out-cloth roller can be guaranteed by different cloth roller pressure which caused by changing the compressed air pressure into the cylinder.

5) Electric control cabinet unit

This unit use AC variable frequency synchronous control, and frequency converter use TAIDA or SENLAN converter.

5. Picture

Textile Machine Fabric Dyeing Machine Singeing Machine
Textile Machine Fabric Dyeing Machine Singeing Machine
6. Package
According customers requirements

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